zondag 15 november 2009

Black Pete in stained glass

In the folklore of the Netherlands, Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) is a companian of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas), whose yearly feast in the Netherlands is usually on the evening of 5 December, when they distribute presents to all good children. The character of Zwarte Piet appears only in the weeks before Saint Nicholas's feast, first when the saint is welcomed with a parade as he arrives in the country (in the Netherlands by steam boat, from Spain), and is mainly targeted at children, who come to meet the saint as he visits stores, schools etc. Zwarte Piet is black because he has to climb down the chimneys with the presents for the children. Foreign tourists often experience culture shock upon encountering the character. Since the last decade of the 20th century there have been several attempts to introduce a new kind of Zwarte Piet to the Dutch population. These Zwarte Pieten have replaced the traditional black make-up with all sorts of colours. These multi-coloured Pieten are unpopular amongst the Dutch population and are not catching on. Source: Wikipedia.

Stained glass is the name for a window glass that consists of pieces glass which are connected by lead. Discuss with the children where stained glass is still to be seen. Why do people make it, since we can produce a window out of one piece of glass? What is the effect of stained glass? Wat is lead? What is lead used for? You need:
  1. black construction paper
  2. tissue paper
  3. scissors
  4. glue

Children are going to make a black pete in stained glass. Our lead is black construction paper. Draw a line around the sheet at 2 cm from the edge. This will be the frame. Draw a black pete in the frame with few details: face, cap and dollar are enough. Link this pete with some strips from 1.5 cm width out of the construction paper to the frame. Draw crosses in those pieces that have to be cut out. After a check from the teacher, the real cutting can start.

After this, the little windows have to be made. Put a piece of tissue paper behind a window of the frame and outline it with pencil. Cut this piece with an edge of 1 cm and glue it on the back of the window. Continue with the other windows. Hang all artworks against the window!

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