woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Make your own book

You need:
  1. two pieces of plywood measuring 16 cm by 12 cm
  2. little stack of white sheets measuring 14 cm by 11 cm
  3. hand drill
  4. perforator
  5. markers or paint/brushes
  6. bit of rope
Make a drawing on one of the shelves and colour it with markers or paint or a combination of those. Write a title, and/or put your name on it. Use a perforator to make two holes in the small side of the white sheets.

Place one of the sheets on the painted shelf and mark off where the holes should be. Keep away about 1 cm from the (short) side. Do the same with the second shelf. Drill holes with a hand drill. Place the sheets on the lower shelf and then put the painted shelf on top of it. String a piece of rope through all the layers and bind them together.

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