maandag 18 april 2011

Chicken of towel fabric

In the Netherlands we have washcloths where you can put your hand in. I've never seen them in the USA, so for this lesson you'll have to sew them first! They look like this.

You need:
  1. towel fabric
  2. cotton wool balls
  3. cotton thread
  4. piece of cardboard
  5. glue
  6. wobbling eyes
  7. small piece of felt
  8. scissors
  9. hay
Fill the two corners of the washcloth with cotton wool balls. Tie a cotton thread around the edges so the cotton does not fall out. Cut a cardboard strip with a length of 2 times the width of the washcloth and 6 cm high.
Fold this strip round and paste or staple the ends together. The circle should be slightly smaller than the opening of the washcloth.
Push the circle in the bottom of the washcloth. Push the two filled corners - the heads of the chickens -down so they are just above the rim. Paste wobbling eyes on the head and a beak of felt. Fill the space around the heads with hay or Easter eggs.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, these are just TOO CUTE!!! Terrific!

  2. Jacquelien, c'est une idée géniale!
    Il faut que j'essaye ça et que je l'explique aux collègues de l'école maternelle.
    Chez nous aussi, nous avons des gants de toilette comme ça.
    Mais où trouves-tu ces idées originales?