donderdag 29 oktober 2009

Neon advertising

You need:
  1. Black paper
  2. White pencil
  3. Coloured chalk

Neon light tubes form coloured lines with which a text can be written or a picture drawn, including various decorations. Neon is often used in advertising and commercial signage. Show some neon advertising or ask children if they know some. Discuss the features of neon light and the restrictions you have to deal with when you use neon lights.

Draw a picture onto a dark paper using a white pencil. Do it lightly and with not too much detail. Keep it simple, big and bold. Pick a colour and carefully go over all of the lines in your picture. Make nice thick lines that follow the original. Then carefully go over all the lines with your finger. Just follow the direction of the lines rubbing backwards and forwards. Try not to smudge the lines outwards! Now to turn the neon lights on: take a white chalk and go over all the lines again with the sharp edge. Use the sharp edge just to create a thin bright white line down the middle of the existing lines. You could even leave little gaps between the white lines to make them look even more like an electric neon striplight. Lettering looks good too, especially if you do it in a different colour. When you've finished, you'll have a brilliant electric neon drawing.

A lesson from Art Attack.

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