zondag 20 december 2009

Santa with Christmas wish

You need:
  1. pattern
  2. cardboard in dark red, red, pink, black and white
  3. carbon paper
  4. wobbly eyes
  5. cottonpads
  6. 2 split pins
  7. piece of raffia
  8. black marker

Pattern: click to download
Print the pattern. Draw the body and arms using carbon paper de on the red cardboard. Cut these bodyparts. Copy the hat on dark red cardboard and cut it out. Do the same with hands and face on pink cardboard. Cut the boots out of black cardboard. Cut the white parts. Paste the hands under the sleeves. Paste the sleeve edges on top. Paste the face and the hat on the body and paste the edge of the hat. Outline the edge of the hat with black marker. Paste the boots on the body, and the white belt too. Prick holes in the triangles and fix the arms with split pins on the body. Paste wobbly eyes on the face. Cut a beard and moustache from a cottonpad and paste these in the face. Cut a rectangle from black construction paper and write a Christmas wish on it. Paste two pieces of raffia on this board and paste the raffia on the hands.

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