zaterdag 30 januari 2010

Birdhouse of paper mache

I've got this great paper mache lesson from Ghislaine Aarts.
You need:
  1. box from boots
  2. scissors
  3. masking tape
  4. saw
  5. 2 wooden paint stirrers (DIY store)
  6. wallpaper paste
  7. newspaper strips
  8. toilet paper or paper towels
  9. brushes
  10. acrylic paint or tempera paint
  11. brushes
  12. varnish
  13. artificial snow
  14. small decoration items like pineapples, peanuts or berries
  15. glue gun
  16. wood for frame
Make a rectangle from the lid of the boots box by cutting the sides. Cut three rectangles from the box and glue them up with masking tape. See the photograph.

Saw one of the sirrers in two halves. Lay the halves of the stirrers and the complete one on the board. Lay the cardboard roof above. See photograph 2.

Paste everything together with newspaper strips and wallpaper paste (paper mache). Your latest layer has to be toiletpaper or paper towel. Leave the work to dry.

Paint the bird house with acrylic paint or tempera. Paint one or more birds upon it. Let your work dry carefully and then finish it with colourless varnish. Scatter some artificial snow on the roof if you like it. You may glue some berries, pineappels or peanuts around the bird house for decoration. Frame your work.

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