woensdag 10 februari 2010

Fairytale castle

You need:
  1. two soda bottles from o,5 liter
  2. coloured construction paper A3 size
  3. pricking needle
  4. felt pricking mat
  5. scissors
  6. tempera paint
  7. template with squares
  8. stapler
  9. stickers with fairy tale figures
The teacher draws battlements on top of the coloured sheets and cuts them (or leave this for the children). Draw a gate and some windows. Each child gets two sheets of coloured paper. Cut the battlements from both sheets if the teacher hasn't done this yet. Paint bricks on the castle walls with a template or stamp these bricks with a a square sponge.
Prick the gate from one of the two castle sheets. Be sure one side remans attached to the castle. Fold this gate to the outside. Prick the windows and fold them too. Paste stickers from fairytale figures in the windows and gate, or draw these fairytale figures.
Put two sodabottles on the table and staple the castle sheets around these bottles.

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