woensdag 21 april 2010

Japanese cherry blossom

Made by Brittany, 12 years old

You need:

  1. white drawing sheet A4 size
  2. Indian ink
  3. straw
  4. pink tempera paint (or red and white)
  5. saucer
  6. Q-tip

For centuries flowers are strongly represented in the Japanese culture and lifestyle. Think of the kimonos, paintings, tableware and Japanese floral art (ikebana). The cherry blossom is the main flower in terms of symbolic value.

Cherry blossom is called sakura in Japanese. The sakura symbolizes the human life. The bloom is the sign that spring has begun, but the deeper meaning is that this abundant sign of life, just like in human life, is subject to influences that we do not control. Sun, rain and wind determine the duration of flowering.

It is important to enjoy the intense bloom of life, says sakura. Then the trick is to accept that the bloom will be only short. Like the blossom man is also at the mercy of the whims of nature. The one will bloom better and longer, the other must be satisfied with an inconspicuous spot in the shade.

Luckily cherry blossoms are not only seen in Japan. View a flowering tree with the children if there is one in the neighbourhood of the school, take along branches or shows pictures.

Drip a little Indian ink on a white sheet of paper. Blow it with a straw as wide as possible, to make branches. Let it dry. Use a Q-tip to print the blossom.

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