zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Geofiction: Design your own stamp

You need:

  1. white drawing paper 15 by 10 cm
  2. colour pencils
  3. markers
  4. pattern scissors

Geofiction is fictional geography: devising, designing and developing a geo, a fictional geographic entity. In most cases the geo is a country, but it can be any kind of geographic area: a city, a region, a federation of countries, a planet, a star system, it doesn't matter. With an imaginary country you can do many things, like: - draw maps, make flags, money, stamps , pieces of art; - design and develop languages, transport systems, music, culture, religions, political systems; - write or tell stories using the imaginary geographic area as a background;

We do geofiction in the last group of elementary school as a a mean of education. One of the things that has to be made is a stamp for the imaginary country. After drawing and colouring it, the edges have to be cut with pattern scissors.

Made by students of 12 years old

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