zondag 30 mei 2010

You own worldcup champion shirt!

Back of the champion shirt, with name and number
You need:
  1. template of a T-shirt
  2. coloured cardboard A3 size
  3. coloured paper
  4. scissors
  5. glue

With the World Cup coming up, children make their own football shirt. View on the digital board pictures of footballers who play in the national team. How do you see what the front and back is of a shirt? What's on the back of a shirt? Can you see the nationality of the football player on his shirt? Conclude with the children that on the back of a shirt is a shirt number is (why would that be?) and the name of the football player. Students are going to make their own shirt. Let them choose from different colours cardboard. They first have to trace the shirt template cut it out. Then students draw a shirt number and cut it out. Let them do the same with their name. Op restjes papier tekenen de leerlingen een rugnummer en knippen dit uit. Ditzelfde doen ze met de (blok)letters van hun naam. Help with the broadening of the letters will probably be necessary! Decorate the front of the shirt as you like, but be sure everybody can see that it belongs to a player of your country!

Front of the shirts with Dutch flags, made by children of 7 years old
Tip: with the name of your father, this shirt is a perfect gift for Father's Day!

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