woensdag 16 juni 2010

Class team

Class team, by a student of 12 years old

With the worldcup coming up, you can design your own class team! Thanks to Anneriek Adema and her students, who sent me this fantastic lesson and artwork. You need:
  1. colouring page soccer team
  2. photographs of children, copied onto A4
  3. colour pencils or markers
  4. glue
  5. coloured paper for background

Colouring page class team (click and print)

Give all students a copy of the soccer team and a sheet with photographs of their classmates (just the heads). Ask children to compose their own favourite team by cutting out eleven photographs and paste them on the bodies of the players.

Design a shirt for the team and colour it. Don't forget the shirt numbers! Draw the hands. Colour legs, shoes and arms. Colour the background and paste the drawing on a coloured background. You may add the name of the team if you like to.

Class team with the Frisian flag on the shirts

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