vrijdag 3 december 2010

Christmas angel

You need:

  1. pattern angel (download picture)
  2. cardboard in pink, white and another colour
  3. carbon paper
  4. two wobbly eyes
  5. four split pins
  6. wool
  7. red marker
  8. glitter
  9. glue
  10. scissors

Pattern angel: click, enlarge and print

Use carbon paper to draw head, hands and feet on pink cardboard; draw the wings on white cardboard and the dress and sleeves on another colour. Arms should be drawn twice, the second one in mirror image. Cut all these parts. Copy the pattern of the bag of the dress on coloured paper and cut it. Paste this bag on the dress.

Paste the arms under the sleeves, about a half cm. Prick holes in the dress and the sleeves and fix the sleeves with split pens on the dress. Paste the wings on the back of the dress; be sure you don't paste the sleeves. Paste the head on the dress. Paste the eyes and draw a nose and a mouth on the head.

Cut two pieces of wire of about 7 cm. Prick two holes in the bottom of the dress and add split pens. Fix the wire legs on the split pens. Paste the feet on these legs.

Cut some short wire for the hair and paste them. Take a longer wire for that can serve as a hook. Decorate dress and wings with glitter and stars.

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