dinsdag 7 december 2010

Wooden Christmas tree

Made by a student of 7 years old
You need:
  1. plywood 14 by 18 cm
  2. pencil
  3. ruler
  4. coping saw
  5. nails
  6. hammer
  7. tempera paint
  8. brush
  9. block of wood 6 by 3 by 1 cm
  10. 2 blocks of wood 5 bij 2 bij 1 cm
  11. small Christmas decorations
  12. silver cardboard
  13. glue
Draw on the narrow side of the plywood a dot on 9 cm. Draw two lines from the corners below at this dot so you get a triangle. Saw this triangle. Paint it green with tempera paint. Spike at different spots on the front and back of the tree little nails for the Christmas decorations.
Create a standard of three blocks of wood by pasting the smaller blocks with a half cm space between them on the largest block. Paint the standard. Hang the balls and garlands on the nails. Cut a double peak out of silv and paste the two pieces together. Paste the peak on the tree. Decorate the tree with little clocks, balls, socks, garlands etc.

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