dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Abstract relief

You need:

  1. piece of grey cardboard 18 by 24 cm (cereal box)
  2. tissue paper
  3. wood glue
  4. several zijdevloeipapier
  5. houtlijm
  6. various free materials like rope, pasta, shells, sticks, buttons, etc.
  7. varnish
  8. coloured cardboard for frame

Look at the painting Catalan landscape of Joan MirĂ³ (Google pictures). Discuss what is on this painting, what things are definable and which are not. Explain the difference between realistic and abstract.

Tell the students they are going to make an abstract relief. Students make a composition of different items on their grey cardboard. They have to make a horizon line at least. Paste the different items with glue. Don't paste the items too close together and make sure it is not too full.

When the composition is ready, bring wood glue on all items and the cardboard. Cover everything with tissue paper. Push the paper firmly against the pasted items to make the tissue paper crumple. Here and there the paper will rip, so paste multiple layers of the same colour paper.

Finish with a layer of wood glue or wait until the artwork has dried and then apply a layer of varnish. Paste the artwork on a coloured background.

All artworks are made by students grade 3

Thanks to Ann de Naegel and her students.

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