dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Woven key chain

You need:

  1. piece of cardboard 8 by 12 cm
  2. key chain
  3. pencil
  4. ruler
  5. scissors
  6. cotton
  7. wool
  8. needle or stir stick with a hole in it
  9. coloured beads

Weaving is fun and should be learned, but what to do with all those little patches? Our students made a nice key chain of them! The local grocery store delivered us 50 key chains for free! Unfortunately my students already took their key chains home before I could photograph them. So, I had to take the one above!

Mark the middle of the two small sides of the cardboard. Draw 5 little stripes on both sides of the middle, every half centimeter. Cut into the cardboard at each mark. Wrap cotton thread around the cardboard tabs and make sure it runs right. Take a weaving needle or a stir stick (see picture) and weave threads through the cotton. Use one or several colours. Weave until 2/3 part of the cardboard is covered.

When the weaving is done, thread the tails onto a needle and pass it under the block of weaving. Then cut the end close to the block.

Remove the weaving from the loom by bending the cardboard tabs and pulling off the loops. Pull the loops through the ring of the keychain. Cut the threads below and thread some beads on them.

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