zaterdag 30 april 2011

Weaving flowers

Made by students of grade 1
You need:
  1. beer coaster
  2. coloured yarn
  3. weaving needle
  4. paper plate
  5. white sheet
  6. coloured construction paper A4 size
  7. scraps of coloured paper
  8. tempera paint
  9. brushes
  10. glue
  11. scissors
Cut notches in the beer coaster at intervals of 1 cm. Be sure it is an odd amount. Wrap cotton yarn around the tray, back to front, until the whole beer counter is wrapped. Start weaving in the middle. Use different colours of yarn. Don't weave too tight, to keep the work flat.
To make the flower you have to paint a paper plate with tempera paint. If you use plastified plates, the paint will give a wrinkly effect. Cut a circle ouot of a white sheet circle which is two cm larger then the plate. This will be the outer edge of the flower. Paint it too.
Paste the woven circle on the plate. Paste the plate on the coloured circle. Paste it all on a coloured sheet. Cut petals and a stem out of green paper and finish the flower. 

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