dinsdag 5 februari 2013

With love .... Farewel to Maureen

Inchies are small pieces of art that make one artwork together. On this page more information and a description of how to make them.

All students of grade 4 said goodbye to Miss Maureen with their own personal all  inchies​​. Ask the students to bring little things from home that belong to them. This can be anything: a hair elastic, a logo of the soccer club, a Lego doll, a balloon, a coin, a piece of a map, an eraser etc.

Cut nine squares of 4 by 4 cm out of different types of paper in various colours  and paste them on a piece of cardboard. Paste the brought objects on these squares. Be sure to make a beautiful composition.

Bye Maureen, and thanks for everything Maureen!

Made by students of grade 4

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing artwork! I don't think it is done by a kid.

  2. Of course it's done by a kid. The one below is a picture of all artworks together, all made by my students in grade 4.