zaterdag 26 september 2009

Mothers finest

You need:
  1. coloured paper A4 size
  2. scissors
  3. glue
  4. leftovers coloured paper
  5. leftovers yarn, wire, pipe cleaner
  6. buttons, feathers etc..
  7. leftovers of cotton

Traditionally, people love to decorate themselves. With what do people decorate themselves? Is this the same in all countries? What kind of decorations can you mention? Discuss decorations and write different kinds of decorations on the blackboard.

Each student gets two coloured sheets of paper; one for the background and one for the face. Fold the sheet for the face lengthwise and draw half a face against the fold. Don't forget the ears! Cut the face and glue it on a background, letting a bit space between face and background. uit en plak het op de achtergrond met een beetje ruimte eronder. So don't glue it flatly. Cut eyes, nose and mouth out of leftover paper and glue them on the face. Decorate the face with different materials. Thing of earrings, glasses, hair, make-up, chain, necktie etc.

(Photographs: Willem Wienholts)

1 opmerking:

  1. Those faces look like they'd be a lot of fun to create. My kids might like to make them for Halloween trick or treaters. I love the ones with the curly hair!