dinsdag 23 maart 2010

April showers will bring us flowers

You need:
  1. white drawing sheet
  2. water colour paint
  3. ruler
  4. white crayon or oil pastel
  5. paint brush
  6. water
Characteristicly Dutch weather in spring is a weather type with showers, alternated with sunny periods. Those typical spring showers are called 'Maartse buien' (March Showers) in Holland, while English meteorologists speak about 'April showers who bring us flowers'. In this lesson children will draw typical spring flowers (tulips, daffodils etc.) during a rain shower.
Sketch some spring flowers on a white sheet. Make sure your lines are extremely thin. Use your ruler to draw white crayon lines with about one centimeter between them. Make sure your crayon has a sharp point. Paint your drawing with watercolour paint. Use a lot of water to make bright colours. The crayon will resist the water paint, so your shower will be very clear!

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  1. Great project! I tried it with my Grade 6 class today and it was really successful.
    I posted a link to your site