vrijdag 5 maart 2010

What's for supper tonight?

Made by Lotte, 10 years old

You need:
  1. drawing paper A3 size
  2. colour pencils
  3. tempera and brushes
  4. or coloured paper and glue

Talk about food. What do you like most? What is healthy food? Why do we have to eat vegetables and fruit? What about burgers and fries? Talk about china and cutlery and how a table has to be set.

Draw the meal you like most. Draw everything from above; so a glass is just a circle. Draw your plate with food, a saucer, a glass, knive, spoon, fork and colour everything with colour pencil. Then cut out all parts. Paint a sheet with a pattern and colours that fits to your china; your placemat. You may also use coloured paper and glue to decorate your placemat. When your placemat is ready, paste all cut-out parts on it.

Made by children from 10-11 years old

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