vrijdag 8 april 2016

The sky is the limit

Golden Gate Bridge, made by Elize, grade 6

You need:
  1. grey paper A4 size
  2. white and black pencils
  3. pictures of famous skylines
During a visit to the Museum in The Hague, I saw an artwork that Escher had made on gray paper. The only colours he had used were black and white. Together with the gray, you do have a lot of colours at your disposal. The Escher drawing I saw then, was the inspiration for this lesson.

Show photos of some famous skylines. Discuss skylines, skyscrapers and remarkable buildings. Ask children to search a skyline on the internet. Print this in black and white and then copy it so you can see the shadows of the buildings (settings light - dark on copyer). Students draw with just white and black pencil on the grey sheet.

Sydney skyline by Adnan, grade 6

2 opmerkingen:

  1. These are wonderful drawings! It is so effective using just black and white on gray paper. I'll have to try this project!

  2. Oh my, these are GORGEOUS! I've done the black and white on gray idea, drawing trees, but city skylines is a wonderful choice of subject.