woensdag 9 juni 2010

Op art line design 2: garlic cloves!

You need:
  1. white drawing sheet A5 size
  2. fine marker
  3. coloured paper for background
Draw little dots on the sheet and link them together with curved lines. Draw more and more lines, following the first one. Looks like garlic cloves!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. So simple to do, but it looks really cool! It looks like a great end-of-year activity when you no longer want paint drying etc. I'll have to try this.
    Question - maybe everyone else knows this? but here in US our standard papers are in inches such as 9"x12", 12"x18" etc. I could also translate to metric measurement. What are the actual sizes of A5, A7 etc? Thanks......

  2. Thanks for your nice comment!
    Yes I know paper sizes are different in the USA. We don't use inches, but centimeters to measure things.
    An A4 sheet is 29 by 21 cm (used for letters and in the copier). A5 is half A4, A6 is half A5, A3 is double A4. A2 is double A3, A1 is double A2. I'm sure there will be more information on paper sizes in Wikipedia.

  3. Thanks! Big help! And I didn't even think about looking on Wikipedia.

  4. Thanks for the great idea! I wanted to share the worksheet I came up with inspired by your project.


  5. I love this look! Do you have to be a kid to do it? ;) I think I'll try it all the same!

  6. Thanks, I had done this and lost the directions. Couldn't figure out what I did. So simple but looks complex.