vrijdag 22 februari 2013

High legged elephant in the style of Salvador Dali

A great lesson from colleague blogger of Artisan des Arts.

You need:
  1. white drawing sheet A4 size
  2. markers (not waterproof)
  3. brush
  4. jar with water
  5. chalk pastels
  6. felt
  7. scissors and glue 
Show some surrealistic artworks of Dali. Show The elephants. Discuss the realistic (the body of the elephant) and the surrealistic parts (house on the back, high legs) of this work.

Students draw a Dali inspired elephant and trace it with a marker. I gave them some 'how to draw' templates. Take a wet brush and go over the lines, so the water turns into watercolour. Let dry.

Draw a horizon line and a sun. Colour the background with chalk pastels and blend with your fingers. Draw shadows of the elephant's legs. Maybe they don't have the right direction, but that's part of surrealism!

Cut a piece of felt for a blanket, decorate it and paste it on the elephant.

All artworks are made by students of grade 4

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  1. I love this! I just did a Surrealist project with some of my kids (you can see the post I just put up on my blog). Now that I'm reflecting on the project, it's really nice to see other teachers who have dealt with the same issues. We did a lot of collage work in ours (on top of our paintings), but I think hand-drawing the creatures would have been a pretty satisfying addition. Anyway, thanks for the great ideas!