dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Suburb for birds

Made by students of grade 4

You need:
  1. coloured cardboard 
  2. wallpaper 
  3. wrapping paper
  4. tempera paint
  5. black marker
  6. brushes
  7. scissors and glue
Students draw a birdhouse with a special entrance on brown wrapping paper. This entrance can be a heart, a star of even a bird. Cut this entrance and outline the hole with a black marker.
Paint the house with cheerful colours.
Paste it on a piece of wallpaper and cut it out with 2 cm around. Paste a strip of black paper on the cardboard, this is the standard for birdhouse. Paste the birdhouse on the standard. Outline the house with black marker.

All birdhouses together will make a colourfull suburb for birds!

Thanks to Maureen Kaal 

zondag 20 januari 2013

Eskimoo and iglo

Made by a student of grade 1

You need:
  1. dark blue construction paper 
  2. white sheet
  3. glue
  4. coloring page of an eskimoo 
  5. scraps of felt 
  6. cottonwool
Draw on the blue sheet the outlines of an igloo. Tear white squares or rectangles  and paste them on within the contour lines of the igloo.
Cut the eskimo and paste it next to the igloo. Dress him with pieces of felt. Paste a collar made of cotton wool.
Make the background  icy cold with white chalk.

dinsdag 15 januari 2013


Made by a student of grade 4

You need:
  1. blue construction paper
  2. oil pastels
Students draw three or more overlapping snowmen wearing fashionable scarves. Colour with oil pastel and outline with black.

dinsdag 1 januari 2013

Penguin fun

Made by students of grade 4

You need:
  1. blue cardboard A1 size
  2. black construction paper
  3. tinfoil
  4. wobbly eyes
  5. coloured foam
  6. white crepe paper
  7. fiberfill
  8. glitter
  9. scissors and glue
Paste two sheets of blue cardboard together. Pate snow hills from crepe apper, tinfoil and fiberfill. Every student cuts one or more penguins from black construction paper, dressed in coloured pulls cut from foam.
Paste all the penguins on the snow hills and decorate with glitter.

Thanks to Maureen Kaal