zaterdag 15 april 2023

Cherry blossom tree

You need:

  1. drawing sheet
  2. tempera paint in red and white 
  3. crayons
  4. liquid water color paint
  5. brush
  6. broccoli 

Step 1
Draw a tree with crayon.  

Step 2
Paint the background with diluted liquid water color paint and let dry.  

Stap 3
Stamp blossom with pieces of broccoli.  


donderdag 13 april 2023

Tulips; spring is coming!

You need:
  1. a bunch of tulips
  2. vases or glasses
  3. drawing paper A4 size
  4. white crayons
  5. water paint
  6. brushes
  7. jar with water
  8. colored paper for background
  9. glue

What does a tulip look like? What can you tell about the stem and the leaves? What do the petals look like? 
Every group gets a vase with some tulips. Students todraw a horizon line about a third from the bottom. 
Draw tulips with a white crayon. Look carefully at the tulips in the vase. The tulips must overlap.
Colour them with water paint, the white lines will remain. Paint the lawn and the air. Stick the artwork on a colored background.

Painting without using your hands


You need: 

  1. big drawing sheets
  2. brushes
  3. tempera paint
  4. liquid water color paint
  5. tape

Painting without using your hands is quite a challenge! You can paint with your feet or mouth. We tried both. 

Painting with your feet
Put tables aside, newspapers on the floor and stick drawing sheets on top. Very important: take off the shoes in the hallway and leave them there 😀

Place a container with three colors tempera paint between two students. A beautiful portrait is too much, so ask them to paint simple lines or shapes. 

Painting with your mouth 
This is less difficult. Cover the tables with newspapers. Place jars with diluted water color paint and brushes. Students may paint what the want. You may also give them a simple goal: paint rectangles in different colors. 

dinsdag 11 april 2023

Japanese cherry blossom on a plate

You need:

  1. paper plates
  2. acrylic paint: brown, green, red, white
  3. brush
  4. crepe paper: pink, white, red
  5. glue 
This lesson about the Japanese cherry blossom is an old one, but now the blossoms are made on a paper plate. Too pretty to use for dinner! 
Branches are painted, leaves too. Not too big, because leaves only grow well when the blossoms are gone. 
Blossom is partly painted and partly made of crumpled crepe paper.