zondag 30 oktober 2016

Mondriaan collage with printed lines

You need:

  1. paper in primary colours
  2. white sheet A3 size 
  3. pieces of cardboard 
  4. black tempera paint
  5. saucer
  6. ruler 
  7. pencil 
  8. scissors 
Just like Piet Mondriaan (De Stijl), students draw rectangles and squares using ruler and pencil on construction paper in yellow, blue and red.  After this the drawings have to be cut and pasted on a white sheet. However Mondriaan did not: students may stick colours together.  
Stamp straight lines using a piece of ribbed cardboard and black tempera paint. 

Made by a student of grade 3 

Source: http://artroom104.blogspot.nl/ 

vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Happy monsters

You need:

  1. drawing sheets A3 size
  2. markers
  3. tempera paint

Draw happy monsters! Not the scary types, but the nice ones with big eyes. Color with markers, background with tempera. Outline with black marker.

Made by students of grade 6