maandag 26 maart 2012

What's in your egg?

You need:
  1. white drawing sheet A5 size 
  2. charcoal
  3. yellow sheet for background 
  4. hairspray
A great lesson for Easter, to be done in several grades. 

Start this lesson with a yeaser: Imagine you break your egg on Easter, and it shows something very different than just the egg.... Draw this imagination with charcoal on a white sheet.
Give instruction on how to work with charcoal. Point out that charcoal stain quickly, and give students tissues with water to clean. Show that the charcoal stripes could be blurred by smearing. In this way the shadows on the egg can be made. Tell charcoal can be erased with kneaded eraser.

Let the children first practice to experience for their self how you work with charcoal.
Then they draw the two  seperated halves of an egg with that's what in it between them. The egg should not just hang not in the air, but has to lie somewhere on or in (grass, cloth or similar).

Fix the drawing with hairspray and staple or paste it on a yellow background.
Made by students of grade 3

donderdag 22 maart 2012


Made by students from kindergarten
You need:
  1. box
  2. brown tempera paint
  3. brush
  4. paper plate
  5. white paper 
  6. red paper
  7. black marker
  8. straw
Paint the outside of the box with brown tempera paint. Fold the plate. Outline your hand and cut it twice out of a white sheet. Paste the hands on both sides of the chicken. Cut a comb and a beak out of red paper and paste them. Paste some feathers for the tail. 
Put the box on its side. Put some straw in the box and put the chicken in it. Stack the boxes of several students for a big hen house!

donderdag 15 maart 2012


You need:
  1. coloured cardboard for the henhouse
  2. white cardboard for the chicken
  3. yellow cardboard for the eggs
  4. red cardboard for the wing
  5. fabric from onion or potato bag
  6. hay
  7. scissors or cutter+mat
  8. glue (possibly a glue gun)
  9. markers
  10. pattern henhouse
  11. pattern chicken
  12. carbon paper
Print the pattern of the henhouse. Use carbon paper to copy the henhouse on the cardboard. Cut the house twice. Place the onion bag fabric between the two houses and paste the houses together with the fabric in between. Cut away the fabric parts that hang out the house. Print the pattern of the chicken or ask children to draw one.
Use carbon paper to copy the chicken on white cardboard and cut it out. Colour the comb, beak and eye with a marker. Copy the wing with carbon paper on red cardboard or draw a wing. Cut it out and paste it on the chicken. If you use a glue gun, drop some glue on the wing to harden. After this paste the wing on the dollop of glue to create some space between wing and body. Cut out some eggs of the yellow cardboard. Paste the hen in his house, and paste hay on the bottom. Put the eggs in the hay and paste them.

vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Astronaut in space

Made by a student of grade 3
You need:
  1. black construction paper
  2. white drawing sheets 
  3. water colour paint
  4. brushes
  5. jar with water
  6. crayons
  7. salt
  8. glitter
  9. scissors
  10. glue
  11. picture of yourself
  12. picture of an astronaut
Fold two sheets of drawing paper in half. Paint the four halves with different colours watercolour. Allow the paint to blend together; you may first draw patterns with crayons or use salt for a nice texture. Let both sheets dry.
Cut circles in various sizes from the painted paper. Swap painted paper with someone else if you like to. Create a composition of space on the black sheet. Paste some planets at the edge and cut them, to the endlessness of space even better.
Cut the astronaut and paste a picture of yourself on it. Paste planets and the astronaut. Use glitter or confetti to add stars.