donderdag 15 maart 2012


You need:
  1. coloured cardboard for the henhouse
  2. white cardboard for the chicken
  3. yellow cardboard for the eggs
  4. red cardboard for the wing
  5. fabric from onion or potato bag
  6. hay
  7. scissors or cutter+mat
  8. glue (possibly a glue gun)
  9. markers
  10. pattern henhouse
  11. pattern chicken
  12. carbon paper
Print the pattern of the henhouse. Use carbon paper to copy the henhouse on the cardboard. Cut the house twice. Place the onion bag fabric between the two houses and paste the houses together with the fabric in between. Cut away the fabric parts that hang out the house. Print the pattern of the chicken or ask children to draw one.
Use carbon paper to copy the chicken on white cardboard and cut it out. Colour the comb, beak and eye with a marker. Copy the wing with carbon paper on red cardboard or draw a wing. Cut it out and paste it on the chicken. If you use a glue gun, drop some glue on the wing to harden. After this paste the wing on the dollop of glue to create some space between wing and body. Cut out some eggs of the yellow cardboard. Paste the hen in his house, and paste hay on the bottom. Put the eggs in the hay and paste them.

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