vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Astronaut in space

Made by a student of grade 3
You need:
  1. black construction paper
  2. white drawing sheets 
  3. water colour paint
  4. brushes
  5. jar with water
  6. crayons
  7. salt
  8. glitter
  9. scissors
  10. glue
  11. picture of yourself
  12. picture of an astronaut
Fold two sheets of drawing paper in half. Paint the four halves with different colours watercolour. Allow the paint to blend together; you may first draw patterns with crayons or use salt for a nice texture. Let both sheets dry.
Cut circles in various sizes from the painted paper. Swap painted paper with someone else if you like to. Create a composition of space on the black sheet. Paste some planets at the edge and cut them, to the endlessness of space even better.
Cut the astronaut and paste a picture of yourself on it. Paste planets and the astronaut. Use glitter or confetti to add stars.

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