zondag 7 februari 2021

Design a chips bag

 You need:
  1. drawing paper 
  2. pencil
  3. pictures of chips bags 
  4. color pencils
  5. black marker 
Look at chips bags and discuss what stands out. 
  • the name of the chips is usually at the top of the bag
  • the name is large and sometimes in 3D letters 
  • bright colors
  • taste and weight is on it
  • it has an image of one or more chips 
  • special features can be on it, like New, Party Pack or Less Fat 

Draw the wavy outlines of a chips bag. Think of a name and flavor for your chips. Draw the name on the bag in large 3D letters. Draw some chips on the front. Write the weight on the bag and some details. 
Color with color pencils or aquarel pencils. Outline letters and details with a fine black marker. 

Thanks to Pascal Cuijpers and his students (Connect College, Echt - NL) for this lesson.