dinsdag 30 mei 2023

A lesson in color theory

 You need:

  1. 4 cards of drawing paper, 10 by 7 cm
  2. pencil
  3. ruler
  4. felt tip pens of color pencils 
  5. black construction paper

Discuss de words primary and secundary colors using the color wheel.  
What are primary colors and why are they called so? What are secondary colors, how do you make them and why are they called so? What are the neutral colors? Discuss the word color nuance

What should you do?
  1. Draw a frame on the cards at 2 mm from the edge using a thin black marker.
  2. Draw a pattern of your choice on each card.
  3. Color the cards according to the terms discussed.
  4. Outline the patterns with a thin black marker.
  5. Stick the cards on a black background.
  6. Add the learned words.
Elements of art: color, line, nuance.

donderdag 25 mei 2023

Selfportrait like Roy Lichtenstein

At our school it's customary to keep artwork at school until the of the school year. Students make a portfolio in june to take their work home. 
On front of it is a drawing in the style of one of the art movements we studied that year. In 2021-2022 it was pop art. 
These are the grade 6 portfolio folders with a self portrait in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. 

You need: 
For the folder: paper A1 size, folded in half
For the drawing

  1. white drawing paper A4 size 
  2. markers
  3. skin color pencils 
  4. fine marker in black
Show artwork of Lichtenstein and discuss the important features: use of primary colors (sometimes with green), grid dots, black outlines, speech bubbles and slogans (onomatopoeia).

contents portfolio folder grade 6

  1. Draw a self portrait on the small sheet. 
  2. Add a text in a speech bubble that suits you. 
  3. Color your face using skin color pencils. Use markers for the rest of your drawing. 
  4. Fill one part of your drawing with dots. 
  5. Fill the background with a pattern. 
  6. Outline everything with a black marker. 
  7. Past e your work on the large sheet. 
  8. Draw in large letters: portfolio + you name + the school year. 

all artworks are made by students of grade 6

    zondag 21 mei 2023

    A field full of daisies

    Made by a student of grade 5

    You need:
    1. white drawing sheet A3 size
    2. tempera paint in blue, green, white, yellow and red
    3. egg boxes or saucers
    4. brushes
    5. jars with water
    6. newspapers
    7. paper towels
    8. coloured paper for background
    Daisies (bellis perennis) are, until it freezes, found in lawns. View pictures of daisies and discuss what they look like. 
    Students start to paint the grass. They have to make their own green colors by mixing blue, white and yellow. Paint the entire sheet with small vertical strokes and let dry.

    Then the daisies can be painted. In the front of the field daisies are larger  then further away. Use a small brush and a lot of paint, to make sure the green grass is really covered with the white paint of the flower. Use a different color green for the stalks or take the unmixed color green directly from the bottle. Paint the hearts of the flowers with big yellow blobs.
    Paste the artwork on a matching background.

    dinsdag 2 mei 2023

    Prisoners in World War II

    You need:
    1. white drawing sheet A4 size
    2. ribbed cardboard
    3. pencil
    4. watercolour paint
    5. brushes
    6. jar with water
    7. black wool 
    8. glue
    In Holland we rembember the victims of World War II on the 4th of May. The 5th of May we celebrate the day of liberation. In schools World War II is an important part of the history lessons. Students are always very interested in this topic.

    "We had to draw one or more people in a concentration camp. Our drawings should show the fear and powerlessness of the prisoners. Most of all did well and the artworks were really beautiful. When the drawing was finished, we had to paint it with watercolour paint, using sad colours. We used black wool to make barbed wire and pasted it in front of the drawing. Finally we pasted the artworks on ribbed cardboard. It was an intense task, and it made us really think about that terrible time."

    Artworks are made by students of grade 6

    Thanks to Sylvia Versteeg