zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Groupwork like Joan Miró

Made by students of grade 3/4

Joan Miró's (Spain, 1893-1983) made paintings, sculptures, textile arts and theater. His paintings contain colorful organic shapes in bright colors: red, blue, yellow, green. The colored surfaces are outlined in black and frequently divided with black lines.

Show some of Miró's artwork. What do you see: bright colors, eyes, shapes outlined in black, divided surfases, stars. Talk about the difference between geometric and organic shapes. Talk about lines: straight, angular, rounded. What do you see in Miró's artwork?

The goal for a group of 4 students is: draw alternately lines on the white sheet with a permanent black marker. Make sure those lines look like Miró. Off course lines may cross! Then draw some elements Miró used too: eyes, stars, divided surfaces etc. Color the artwork. Be sure you're working with 4, so consult each other.

Ready? Sign the work with your personal signature in Miró style!

vrijdag 3 maart 2017

Medieval guild signs

You need:
  1. several materials,  like cardboard or wood 
  2. drawing materials
In the Middle Ages in Europe many artisans and merchants were joined in a guild. A guild was a kind of union for people with the same profession. The guild proposed rules for their members and provided in the exchange of knowledge and experience.
Examples of trade guilds are baker's guild, weaver;s guild, brewers guild or carpenter guilds.
Market vendors and peddlers were members of a merchant's guild. They traded goods such as fabrics, wood and food.

After a lesson about medieval guilds, these guild signs were made. The goal was to create a guild sign on which you can see what guild you're dealing with.