donderdag 13 juni 2019

Where Keith Haring meets Piet Mondriaan

You need:
  1. drawing sheet A2 size
  2. black strips 1,5 cm wide
  3. colored construction paper in red, yellow and blue
  4. ruler
  5. scissors
  6. glue
  7. black marker
This is a teamwork lesson for two students. 

Draw squares and rectangles of various sizes on the colored paper. Make sure they are straight: start from a right angle and measure carefully. Cut the squares and rectangles and spread them on the white sheet.  Make sure same colors do not touch each other and stick them. 
Continue with the black strips. Decide by yourself how many strips and where you want them, but there are four requirements:
  • the strips must be sticked straight! (use your ruler)
  • black strips must be sticked around all colored area's
  • use the black strips to create white area's (squares and rectangles) 
  • don't use to much glue. Let some strips stay loose so you can put a Haring figure behind it
Draw three or more Keith Haring  characters on the colored paper. Cut them and paste them on the Mondriaan sheet. Be sure there is no yellow character on a yellow area. 
Outline the characters with a black marker and draw some 'move stripes' around them.