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In the style of ... Christo

A wrapped globe

Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, Christo, is a famous artist. Christo works on large art projects. The artistic strategy of Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude (she died in november 2009) is to 'wrapp' large buildings or landscapes with fabrics. The wrapping of buildings or objects leads to the abstraction. Examples of his work are the wrapping of Pont Neuf in Paris (1985), the Reichstag in Berlin (1995) and The Gates in Central Park New York (2004). Christo wants his work to be seen by lots of people. The result is intended purely aesthetic. People will look at the environment "with new eyes". All work from Christo is to be seen on his website.

Wrapping like Christo

Tell the students some days before the lesson, to take an object from home that:

  1. is larger than a soda can;
  2. fits on a table;
  3. is not breakable;
  4. is not expensive;
  5. may stay in school for some days;
  6. has a particular form (not just a box)

Discuss with the children why people wrap things: to protect, to surprise (presents), to ship. Why has Christo wrapped things? What is the effect of the wrapped objects? Look at some Christo projects and discuss them.

A wrapped easel

You need:

  1. an object for each kid
  2. big fabrics, pieces of plastic, garbage bags, wrapping papier, toilet paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap
  3. materials to tie, like rope, yarn, tape, wire, fishing line, painter tape and fabric strips
  4. materials to decorate, like feathers, paint, markers, coloured paper, textile markers, glitter glue, buttons etc.
The goal for today: wrap your object to hide details; tie it, to make the form visible again. When your ready earlier than others, you may decorate your artwork using different materials. When children go to work, walk around and stimulate them. Each kid wraps in his own way, nothing is wrong. Stay mentioning the goal: wrap to let disappear details, tie to recognize the form again. When everybody is ready and the classroom is tidy again, ask children to exhibit their work. Are the goals achieved? Finally children make some digital photo's of their own work.

A wrapped Christmas decoration

Lesson and photo's received from Linda Vroemisse

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