dinsdag 2 maart 2010


Inchies are small matching artworks that make one artwork together. The name is derived from the original size of the inchie, one inch (2.54 cm). By choosing a theme, a material or a colour, you ensure that your inchies match nicely together. Inchies can also be used to learn certain skills, like embroidery or sew on a button. Variatons are endless.
The base is an MDF board or canvas on a frame. The inchies are cut (measure carefully) from a shoebox lid or other cardboard and then covered with coloured paper or fabric. Little things have to be pasted or sewn on these squares.The inchies are pasted on the background with double-sided tape.
Of course those squares don't really have to be an inch. Let the size depend from the size of the background. All examples in this lesson are made on a canvas frame from 20 by 20 cm with squares from 4 by 4 cm.

This artwork is made on a canvas frame. It is covered with white wallpaper. The squares are covered with different kinds of wallpaper too (ask for a pattern book in the wallpaper store). Different things in matching coloures are pasted on the inchies.

On the artwork above you'll see inchies that are covered with different materials: wallpaper, lunchbag paper, embroidery linen, rope and teddybear fabric. Skills that are practiced: embroidery, sewing a button and wire wrapping.

This artwork's theme is 'shells'. The variation lies in the background here: ribbed cardboard, painted sandpaper, plastic, wrinkled paper, fleece line etc. A list of things you need isn't easy to give! Ask children to take things from home to paste or sew on their inchies. Ask a patternbook in a wallpaper store for nice backgrounds.
Basic supplies:
  1. mdf board or canvas frame
  2. shoebox lid or some other cardboard
  3. ruler and pencil
  4. scissors and glue
  5. several sorts of paper and/or fabric
  6. doublesided tape
  7. decoration supplies
  8. needle and thread
By letting kids make one or more inchies in a specific theme or colour, you'll make a terrific group work!

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  1. Very interesting works of art! The inchies remind me of 2 things I've worked on this last year. First, the inchie ornament I made in November. Second, the trading cards we do at school by color theme! Your panels are wonderful.