dinsdag 7 september 2010

A picture in pieces

In this lesson students have to copy a piece of a very detailed drawing by using a viewing window. The main issue in this lesson is texture. This lesson is a continuation of 'Exercise in drawing texture'.

You need:

  1. detailed pen-and-ink drawing (download)
  2. pencil
  3. ruler
  4. paperclips
  5. drawing paper
  6. indian ink
  7. dip pen
  8. paper towel
  9. coloured cardboard
  10. cutter and cutting mat
  11. glue

Step 1

Give students half A4 sheet of stiff paper. Draw somewhere in the middle of the sheet a square of 5 by 5 cm and cut it out: this is your viewing window. Measure securely! The square doesn't necessarely have to come in the middle of the sheet, because it will only be used as a viewing window.

Step 2

Give students a sheet of white paper and tell them to draw two or three squares of 5 by 5 cm with some space between them. Students can use the mold from step 1, but measuring and drawing may be a good exercise too. (The squares will be cut at the end of the lesson, so the space between them is not so important.)

Detailed pen-and-ink drawing, click to enlarge

Step 3

Now each student has a viewing window and a drawing sheet with two or three squares on it. Give stuents a copy of the detailed house drawing (or search another drawing yourself) and two paperclips. The mission is: search with the viewing window a piece of the drawing you like most. Fix the viewing window with paperclips on the pen drawing and copy that piece as accurately as possible with indian ink in a square on the drawing sheet. Than copy one or two other pieces.

Step 4

Cut the drawings and paste them on one or more layers of coloured cardboard.

Made by children of 11/12 years old

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