zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Awesome alphabet

Made by students of grade 6

You need:

  1. drawing paper A6 size (postcard)
  2. markers
  3. fine black marker
  4. black cardboard
  5. glue
Arrange which students makes which letter of the alphabet. The I and J have to be drawn on one sheet, to make a group work of five by five drawings. Each student draws one big letter, with about 1 cm free space around. Colour the letter as you like, using patterns. Colour the background as well. Outline the letter and the details with a fine black marker. Make sure the letter 'pops up' from the background, by choosing different colours and patterns. Paste all letters on a big black cardboard, five by five with 2 cm space between them.

Group work 'Awesome alphabet'

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