zondag 21 november 2010

Transport yourself

You need:
  1. piece of linoleum of 16 by 12 cm
  2. white paper towel from a towel dispenser
  3. mat
  4. block printing ink
  5. flat piece of glass
  6. linoleum roller
  7. lino press
What kind of transport do you know? Think of cars, limosines, trucks, airplanes, but also of skateboards, strollers etc. Everything with wheels can be used to transport persons!

Draw a mean of transportation on a piece of linoleum and cut it out. Shake the bottle of blockprint carefully to be sure oil will mix with the rest. Drip the paint on the glass and roll it out with the lino roller. Make several prints of your work on textured towel paper. Choose the best one to be your artwork.

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