vrijdag 17 december 2010

Come on, let's make a snowman!

You need:
  1. blue construction paper A4 size
  2. oil pastels
  3. pencil
  4. white tempera
  5. brush

Students sketch a part of a snowman on blue paper. Sketch the hat and scarf and other items too. By choosing an incomplete snowman, students are forced to draw big. An additional advantage is that there remains some to imagine, because wwhat would your snowman look like if he filled the complete sheet?

Tell students that they begin to colour with white. This is to prevent the other colors will mix with white, and to be sure the white crayons will remain white! When the artwork is ready, outline everything with black oil pastel. Paint snowflakes around the snowman with white tempera paint and a sturdy brush.

Made by students of 10-11 years old

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  1. I hope this translates...
    I'm so sorry a photo of your students art, along with others got put up without credit and a link! That was never going to be a post, but while trying to fix a virus on my computer several mistakes happend. Items were accidently erased and other items on my desktop that were linked to blogger became active. I had no idea it even posted until this morning. I have taken it down and put an appology on my bolg.

  2. It's all right, I saw the post on your blog. I'm sorry if I overreacted in your opinion, mistake is solved now I guess!