zondag 16 januari 2011

Searching for the chameleon

You need:

  1. white drawing sheet A4 size
  2. oil pastels
  3. scissors
  4. small pieces of foam
  5. double sided tape
Start the lesson with this poem about a chameleon.
Has anyone seen my chameleon this morning?
He has to be hiding somewhere.
He asked me if we could play hide-and-go-seek,
and then disappeared into thin air.
I've looked high and low in the yard and the house
and it seems like he's nowhere around.
He's probably hiding right out in the open
but doesn't yet want to be found.
I'm guessing he looks like a leaf on a bush
or the back of a sofa or chair.
He could be disguised as a book or a bagel.
Regardless, I don't think it's fair.
If you come across my chameleon, please tell him
I give up. He beat me today.
He's clearly the champion at hiding so, next time,
it's my turn to pick what we play.
Kenn Nesbitt
Draw shapes of your choice on the sheet. Leave about 1 cm white between the shapes. Colour them with three or four different colours of oil pastels.

Draw a chameleon on another sheet and colour it the same way as the first sheet: coloured shapes with one cm white between them. Cut it out with a one cm white around it. Use small pieces of foam and double side tape to paste the chameleon on the background. The chameleon will be slightly higher.

All artworks are made by students of grade 6

3 opmerkingen:

  1. That looks like a fun lesson. I could see doing this with my color theory lessons. Thanks.

  2. Oooh more chameleon ideas for me! Nice one!

  3. they look so cool displayed all together- great lesson!