maandag 5 september 2011

Swimmer - like David Hockney

I found this terrific lesson on the blog 'Use your coloured pencils' of Anne Farrell. I used this lesson to tell about artist David Hockney and his swimming pool paintings.

You need:
  1. white drawing sheet A4 size
  2. coloured paper for background 
  3. oil pastels
  4. liquid water colour, blue and green
  5. brush
  6. jar with water
The successful British artist David Hockney was born in 1937 in Bradford, England. He studied at the Royal Academy in London. His first works were anecdotal and ironic. In 1964 Hockney moved to California, where he developed a more realistic way of painting. The main themes at this time, are pools, landscapes and portraits.
From 1966 David Hockney increasingly used photographs for his paintings. He made ​​collages containing just photographs. After 1980, Hockney's work became a more expressionistic character. His work shows influences of Picasso Besides paintings, Hockney also makes drawings and etchings. 

Look at artwork of David Hockney, especially those with swimming pools. Discuss with the students how people look like under water - flowing hair, lighter skinWhat causes the shimmering
surfaces on the water and what do they look like?
The students draw one or more people in swimsuits and colour them with oil pastels. Use white oil pastel to draw a water pattern in the background, consisting of wavy horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.
Paint the picture with blue and/or green diluted coloured ink. The swimmers and the white lines will not resist the ink.
Artworks made by students of grade 4

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  1. Very beautiful!! Have a good school year!!!good creation! Kisses from Greece.

  2. Beautiful. I also viewed Anne's post about the swimmers. I like the addition of the ripple lines in the water. This is in my file to do as a lesson with my 3rd or 4th graders.

  3. These look beautiful Jacquelien! Thanks for linking back to me and I love the idea of linking to David Hockney too. He's one of my favourites so maybe my lesson was a subconcious homage!

  4. Lovely Jacquelien!

    Never did Hockney before and you make me want to start with it immediately :)

  5. I love this project. I taught it last week and they turned out great. I linked to you too. Thanks!

  6. love this project, thank you for sharing! can't wait to try it out in my classroom!

  7. Thanks for the idea! We'll use it with our water unit.

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  9. Thanks to both Jacquelien and Anne for this wonderful resist project! I love the way the water reflects the light! My classes will really like this one!

  10. Hello, I also was inspired by Use Your Coloured Pencils and your blog and used this idea with my grade 3 this year. Here is a link to my blog whee I have mentioned and linked to your blog.
    Thanks for the inspiration,