dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Lighthouses along the coast

You need:
  1. drawing sheet A6 size (postcard)
  2. watercolour paint
  3. brushes
  4. jar with water
  5. scissors and glue
What are lighthouses? Where can you find them and why there? Why did we need them, and do we still need them?
Show pictures of lighthouses on the digital board and discuss them. What does a lighthouse look like? What colour is often used? Where is the lamp of the lighthouse? Where's the door?

For the background students paint with watercolour paint a simplified landscape of air and soil. The paint should be dilluted with a lot of water to get soft colours. The sheet doesn't need to be painted completely, it is even better to leave the edges white. Put this painting aside to dry.

Then sketch a lighthouse on a second sheet of paper. Paint it with watercolour paint, using less water now to be sure the colours really stand out.
Let the work dry and cut the lighthouse. Paste it on the painted background.
Made by students of grade 3

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