vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Owls in the moonlight

Background of dilluted water colour paint 

You need:
  1. drawing sheet 60 by 25 cm
  2. white drawing sheets
  3. brown wrapping paper
  4. indian ink 
  5. liquid water colour paint
  6. brushes
  7. pieces of styrofoam
  8. pencil
  9. flat piece of glass
  10. paint roller
  11. block printing ink
  12. chalk pastel
  13. saucer
Background of dilluted water colour paint  mixed with a drop indian ink  

Part one:
Put a saucer on the big sheet. This piece of paper remains white; the moon. Paint with highly diluted indian ink or liquid watercolor (also dilute it with water) and a large brush in one direction. Make sure the dish does not move. Paint with big strokes and leave the edges a little white. Let this dry.

Part two:
Divide the class into two groups. Group 1 paints the branch, group 2 is going to print owls.

Branch painting:
Paint with indian ink a branch with side branches on the painted sheet. Remember that a branch becoming thinner towards the end. Do not paint around the moon, but through it. If the branch stands out too little against the gray background, outline the branches later with white chalk for a better contrast.

Printing the owls:
Group 2 will start with the owls. Give each student two pieces of styrofoam. Students have to press two different owls in the foam. Put some blockprint paint on a glass plate. Roll the paint on the piece of foam. Then place a sheet (remember to write names on each sheet!) and rub with flat hand over it. Pull off the paper. Create several prints in different colors and on different kinds of paper. In this lesson we used white paper and brown wrapping paper.

A student who has finished printing, takes place on the painting table and paints his branch. Students who have completed the branch, follow up with printing.

Next day:
When the owls are dry (with block print this takes at least a day), they have to be cut leaving one millimeter space around. Use yellow chalk to draw a circle around the moon. Paste the owls on the branches.

Background of dilluted indian ink, branches outlined with white chalk pastel 

All artworks are made by students of grade 4

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the printed owls against the glowing moons! Great project!

  2. What a fantastic project- so many different steps but you seem to have a very organized system. I like the idea of splitting the class into two different jobs. Brilliant.