woensdag 5 december 2012

In the style of Hans Innemee

You need:
  1. three sheets of coloured paper 12 by 12 cm
  2. pencil
  3. chalk pastel
  4. hairspray
  5. white sheet for background
  6. glue 
Hans Innemee (1951) is a Dutch artist. kunstenaar. He studied graphic arts and worked for some time as an art teacher.
Innemee's art is a kind of collage made from monotyped drawings. After monotyping a lot of drawings, he makes his artwork by ripping parts of them and pasting them on home made sheets together. Colouring is done with oil pastels.

View artworks of Hans Innemee. Talk together about the small stories in the artworks. Ask students which story they have in mind while seeing the artworks.

Discuss the characteristics of the work of Innemee:
  • Drawings of animals.
  • Simple shapes.
  • No details.
  • Few colours.
  • Black outlines.
  • Simple background.
  • Text / Title under the drawing.
The goal for this lesson is: draw a story in three steps on three sheets. Colour with chalk pastels.  Work in the style of Hans Innemee.

Paste the three sheets on a larger sheet. Spray with hairspray. Write under the small sheets with pencil in as few words as possible the text of the story you had in mind.

Made by students of grade 4

Thanks to Hans Innemee for permission to publice his artwork in this blog post and his kind words about the artworks of my students! 

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  1. Hello Jacquelien! Thanks to this post I've met a new artist. I'll investigate and sure my students will love. Thanks for sharing new ideas.