dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

One colour city - group work like Alisa Burke

You need:
  1. drawing sheet A1 size
  2. drawing sheets 10 by 20 cm (A4 size cut in three) 
  3. various colouring materials: crayons, oilpastel, colour pencils, watercolour paint, markers, tempera etc. 
  4. fine black marker 
  5. liquid water colour paint 
  6. big brush
  7. scissors
  8. glue
An artwork I came across on Pinterest from Alisa Burke was the inspirations for this lesson. Show Burke's work and discuss it: all houses in the same colour, windows are white, everything is outlined with black marker, houses uizen hebben één kleur, de ramen zijn wit, alles is zwart omrand, the houses aren't just next to each other but behind each other and (overlap). That means you cannot see the bottom of the houses that are not on the first row. 

Students form groups of four and discuss together the colour they'll choose. One of the students paints the background: use white crayon to draw stars or clouds and then paint the entire sheet with with liquid watercolor. Leave about one inch white along the edges.

On the smaller sheets students draw high houses, with windows and doors and decorations. Colour with the material of you choice. Outline the house and windows with black fineliner and cut it out. Be sure the group draw together about 15 houses.
Lay the painted houses on the large sheet to get a beautiful collage. Note that you do not see undersides of the houses that are not in the front row.

Made by students of grade 5/6

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  1. These are beautiful! you should send a link to Alisa Burke, I follow her blog and think she would love to see how her piece inspired these! :)

  2. Excellent project, very fresh looking!