vrijdag 24 juni 2016

A day at the beach

Artworks made by students of grade 5

You need:
  1. drawing sheet A3 size
  2. white drawing sheets
  3. tempera paint
  4. brushes
  5. scissors
  6. markers and/or pencils
  7. glue
  8. pencils
Talk about a day at the beach: things (to do) on the sand, things (to do) in the water and things (to do) in the air. Talk about people standing in the water: they seem to have half legs!

Cover four tables with newspaper and put three containers with paint on it:
  • yellow and a little brown besides (beach) + two big brushes
  • blue and a little green (seawater) + two big brushes
  • blue and white (air) + two big brushes 
  • white (surf) + two brushes to stamp
Show how to paint the beach: a lot of yellow on the brush and a little brown for the beach (do not mix!). Do the same with blue and white for the air, and blue with green for the sea. Make wavy motions with the brush to accentuate the water. Finish with a white stamping brush for the surf.
While four students are painting, the others can start with the drawing part of this lesson: draw people and things you see on the beach. Color with markers or color pencils. Cut those little drawings and paste them on the beach, the water or in the air.

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