dinsdag 25 september 2018

Mondriaan: from 2D into 3D

You need:
  1. white construction paper  A4 size
  2. ruler
  3. pencil
  4. colored construction paper in yellow, blue and red
  5. black marker
  6. cutting mat and cutter 
  7. glue
Show artworks of Piet Mondriaan and De Stijl and discuss them.

Fold the white sheet in 5 columns. The columns don't have the be the same width. Divide the sheet with pencil and ruler in three rows (thin, the lines have to be erased later).
Cut rectangle and squares out of colored paper. Make sure they are not wider as the columns. Paste  the rectangles and squares between the folded lines and outline them using a ruler and a black marker. Connect each one with its 'neighbour' with a marker. The lines should be horizontal or vertical.

Then cut two horizontal lines from the start of column 2 towards the end of column 4 (see picture).

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