dinsdag 4 december 2018

We wish you a merry Xmas

You need:
  1. green construction paper, 20 by 20 cm
  2. white tempera paint
  3. white pencil
  4. fine markers in white and black
  5. colored markers
Draw staves on the sheet using a white pencil. Make fingerprints for the snowmen: use the tip of your finger for the head, use your thumb for the body. Wait till the paint has dried. Use a black fine marker to draw brooms, branches=arms, stones=eyes+mouth. Draw the carrot = nose with orange marker and draw caps of hats on some of the snowmen.
Finally, draw the text of We wish you a merry Xmas (or another Christmas song) under the staves. 

Source: 50 Xmas things to make and do, Usborne

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