dinsdag 11 augustus 2020

How to make an impressionist painting

You need: four pieces of drawing paper (briefkaart)
  1. tempera paint
  2. brushes
  3. jar with water
  4. paper towels
  5. dark blue construction paper
Famous impressionist painters are Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, and Edouard Manet. The last one once said: "I paint what I see and not what others want to see. "
Impressionist paintings are snapshots, a quick impression. Up close you only see dots,  from a distance you see these dots together make an image.
View and discuss impressiont paintings. What do you see? Why do wel call this impressionistic? What is an impression?

To do: 
Step 1: Paint on the 4 sheets a beach in yellow and 3 colors. Be sure your 4 sheets are all the same.
Step 2: Put one of the 4 sheets away, it's ready.
Step 3: Paint a yellow sky on the other 3 sheets. Pick white and yellow at the same time on your brush.
Step 4: Put one of the 3 sheets away, it's ready.
Step 5: Take a smaller brush and make dots in the water using blue and white. Make dots in pink, orange and white in the sand.
Step 6: Put one of the 2 sheets away, it's ready.
Step 7: Paint on the last sheet a simple sailing boat in the water.
Step 9: Paste the paintings on a sheet of dark blue construction paper

I once came across this art work on Pinterest, but can't find it back Is this your lesson? Please contact me so i can add your name. 

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