zaterdag 12 september 2020

The birds of George Braque lesson 2

artworks are made by students of grade 4

This is lesson 2 about George Braque. First lesson: click here.  

You need:

  1. blue construction paper 
  2. colored paper
  3. scissors
  4. glue

George Braque (1882-1962) was a French painter and sculptor. Together with Picasso he was founder of cubism.
After is cubist time, Braque painted simplified figurative paintings of landscapes and still lifes with musical instruments and bottles. Remarkable are the letters and nummers Braque added to his works.
When Braque became ill, he was no longer able to paint. He turned to making color litographs of simple bird silhouettes. The same birds you that can also be seen in one of the ceiling paintings of the Louvre in Paris.

Look at the artwork Les oiseaux of George Braque.  

  • simple shapes (silhouet)
  • white outlines
  • blue background
  • geometrical shapes: stars and moon 

What do you have to do: 
Draw at least three silhouettes of birds on colored paper. Cut them. Cut geometrical shapes out of paper scraps. Paste everything on the blue sheet.  

Elements of art: shape, space.
Techniques: drawing, making a collage, cut and glue 

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